Our Story

Born from Giants who shoot fire from their eyes and bolts of lightning from their arse came Offroad Animal.  Nah, not really sorry just being silly.


Offroad Animal was founded by David Fitzpatrick who previously co-founded another successful 4x4 company (I'll let you guess which one.) Having left that company in mid 2018 a serious development phase ensued and many super cool and exciting 4x4 accessories were developed before Launch in April 2019. These accessories are branded Offroad Animal due to their wild and fun nature. Oh, they also work pretty good too.


We set out to develop products that really make your 4x4 stand out and look cool whilst serving a purpose.  The management team are dedicated and passionate wheelers, tourers, overlanders or whatever you want to call us.  We like to head bush or off road, and have fun camping or just trying to climb crazy hills. 


Rest assured all your products are designed and tested in Australia by qualified engineers.  Yep we all went to University to learn Engineering and stuff. Crazy I know.  We manufacture in a variety of countries depending on what product it is. These countries include Australia, Vietnam, China and USA


Our head office is based in Mornington Victoria Australia, and we have a separate USA company based in San Diego. Ok... what else can I put here....  hmmm  thinking, thinking. Is this enough, do you feel like you know us now?  Hit up our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts to stay in touch !


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Offroad-Animal

Instagram: offroad_animal

Youtube: Offroad Animal