WK2 Recovery Point FAQs

Offroad Animal Recovery Points are awesome ... and should be the first upgrade you make before hitting the trails. Yet some customers already have OEM or other aftermarket recovery points - even red ones !


 FAQ:  I want a Nudge Bar or Front Bumper - why can't I keep my tow hooks ?

The WK2 is a unibody (not a body on Frame chassis design). There are only 2 bolt hole locations, one left and one right, suitable for mounting tow hooks or a bumper bar. Therefore to allow a customer to install tow hooks, the offroad steel bumper, and the nudge bar, we had to engineer a solution to provide a means to secure all 3 heavy duty components through a single mount. The design we developed  (which we think is pretty dam awesome !) uses the Offroad Animal Tow Hooks as the primary attachment to the vehicle, and the other items (the offroad steel bumper and the nudge/bull bar) mount to the Offroad Animal tow hooks. This solution allows us to have a single design for the three components, allowing the following combinations:
  • tow hooks only
  • tow hooks and nudge bar
  • tow hooks and offroad steel bumper
  • tow hooks and offroad steel bumper and nudge bar
 The only downside of this design is that customers who love their current tow hooks (sorry Trailhawkers) will have to depart with them. Unfortunately Jeep was not thinking about your desire to upgrade your front end when they designed their tow hooks. The flip side is our tow hooks are themselves pretty awesome too, are a safer means for recovery being a closed recovery system (vs an open system for open hooks), and they provide a means to dramatically enhance the look and performance of the front of your Jeep ! 


 FAQ:  Colors besides red ?

Currently you can order this product in any color you like, as long as it's Red. We have seen very little demand for alternative colors. By far the most commonly preferred color is red. We have no immediate plans to offer raw or custom colors at this stage. Customers who absolutely must have a different color will be required to either blast and resurface the tow hooks, or prime and repaint over the existing surface