Ram 1500 Front Bumpers

Offroad Animal's Ram 1500 front bumpers are the perfect addition to your truck, offering both enhanced aesthetics and superior protection. This front bar not only gives your truck an aggressive look but also safeguards vital components, ensuring your vehicle is ready for any adventure.

Benefits of Offroad Animal RAM 1500 Front Bumpers

Aggressive Look: The Offroad Animal front bumper bars provides your Ram 1500 with a super aggressive appearance that stands out on and off the road.

Lightweight Design: A smaller bar means less weight, allowing your Ram to maintain its performance and speed.

Durable Construction: Completely made from steel, this bumper is built to last and withstand tough conditions.

Enhanced Airflow: Better airflow keeps your engine cool, ensuring optimal performance.

Easy Installation: The bar and winch can be easily fitted, with the winch mount designed for feet-down installation, which is how most winches are designed.

Stealth Features: The bar can accommodate a 22" LED single row light bar for a sleek, stealthy look.

Versatile Lighting Options: Optional top stealth hoop can fit up to a 32" LED light bar, and the bar includes stout recovery points and a solid steel bash plate.

Weight Consideration: The net weight increase is only 79lbs, as 77lbs is removed from the vehicle and 156lbs is added with the bar.

Minimal Extension: The bar only adds 3 inches to the front of your vehicle, maintaining a compact profile.


  • ADR Compliant: Meets all relevant safety standards for Australia so all clear for America.
  • Airbag Compatible: Works seamlessly with your vehicle's safety systems.
  • Retains Safety Tech: Compatible with all safety driving technologies.
  • No Cutting Required: Replaces the bumper without needing to cut the existing bumper.
  • Tough Build: Welded one-piece bar with welded wing supports for extra durability.
  • Finish: Zinc plated and powder coated in matte black for a rugged look.
  • Hi-Lift Jacking Points: Included for added convenience.
  • Winch Compatibility: Suits most low mount winches, including Warn Zeon and Warn 16,500 lbs winches.
  • Parking Sensors: Compatible with parking sensors for maintained functionality.
  • Number Plate Flip: Included for those running a winch.
  • Tow Hooks: ¾” steel tow hooks included as standard.
  • Bash Plate: ⅛” steel bash plate included for added protection.

Enhance your Ram 1500 with the Offroad Animal Predator bar and experience the perfect blend of style, protection, and functionality. Don’t leave your Ram looking ordinary—get barred up with an Offroad Animal Predator bar and take on the roads with confidence.

FAQs for RAM 1500 Front Bumpers

Can I Fit an Offroad Animal Front Bumper to My RAM 1500?

Yes, you can fit an Offroad Animal front bumper to your RAM 1500. Offroad Animal front bumpers are engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly, replacing the existing front bumper without any cutting required. They are designed to be stronger and lighter than the competition, offering superior looks and features. While they may cost a bit more than mass-produced bumpers, they are worth the investment for their quality and customization options, including LED light bars and accessories. Ensure you select a front bumper made from high-quality materials designed specifically for your vehicle, like those from Offroad Animal.

Are RAM 1500 Front Bumpers Winch Compatible?

Yes, Offroad Animal RAM 1500 front bumpers are winch compatible right out of the box, requiring no additional extras. They are easy to install, and the winch can be fitted after the bumper, facilitating regular maintenance. The winch mounts feet down, which is how most winches are designed, making installation straightforward.

Where Can I Get an Offroad Animal Front Bumper Fitted to My RAM 1500?

Offroad Animal front bumpers can be fitted by various stockists and workshops across the USA. Visit the Offroad Animal website and click on the 'Where to Buy' page to find your nearest stockist or workshop. Once you’ve found a location, call to schedule a fitting. If you prefer to install the front bumper yourself, all Offroad Animal RAM 1500 front bumpers come with comprehensive fitting instructions.